Is this InDEC or ChalShiksha?

This conference is the 5th InDEC and 2nd ChalShiksha combined. This is the first time that both InDEC and ChalShiksha are being organised together. Since there is a significant overlap in the organising team for both InDEC and ChalShiksha.Organising these as two separate events would split the audience and increase the cost and effort required. 

Can I come only for few days?

It is possible to check-in later than Feb 14th and check-out earlier Feb 18th, however the cost for the residential participant remains the same. 

Who is this conference meant for?

This conference is meant for any one with an interest in education in India.

What if I cannot attend after buying the tickets?

We will follow the following cancellation & refund policy:

Can we bring outside food?

For all residential participants, food and accommodation will be  provided at Asia Plateau(the cost is included in the full event participation fee. Both, vegetarian & non-vegetarian food will be served during the stay).

Asia Plateau has a capacity to serve food for 300 participants only - this is reserved for the residential participants. Day participants have to make their own arrangements for food outside the venue, i.e., Asia Plateau.

I live near Panchgani, can I come for a day?

Yes, day passes can be purchased at the venue. The cost of the day passes are as given below:

Is there any discount on the conference cost possible?

Yes, a group discount of 7% for more than 5 people can be availed through the website ( This discount is only available for residential participation. Day passes have no discount. 

Who can submit films for the festival?

Visit for information on ChalShiksha or call Sourav at +91 7977589552.

I would like to share my work in the field of education, can I?

Yes. InDEC- ChalShiksha 2024 is a platform where the participants can also create their own events and present their ideas/work through a presentation, film or just a sharing circle. Reach out to Amuktha +91  99012 28442 or Harshad +91 8600123640.

Are there activities other than film screening?

Yes, there will be multiple activities (workshops/talk/ presentation/film screening) which will happen simultaneously across different locations with the venue. We are working hard to put up an event schedule on the website so that the participants can plan where they want to be. For more information, see the program schedule and select the respective day to know more.  

Is this event child friendly?

Yes. There will be workshops, films and sessions that children can participate in.

Can a pick up be arranged from Pune?

For any kind of travel enquiry you can directly call Sanjay Kamble at +91 98602 66995 Or WhatsApp Harsahd Tathed at +91 8600123640.

How can I get daily passes?

The day wise ticket to the conference and festival will be available at the venue.